About JPB Global Trade Solutions

After years of experience in Procurement, Logistics, Quality Assurance, and Finance, JPBGTS has been created to offer solutions to logistics services, integrated with financial services.

35+ Years Experience

We provide global trade solutions, as well as establish a global network with other finance & logistics partners in order to create full coverage of integrated finance and logistics services around the world.

Duty-Free Operation

In addition, we create solutions for USA Importers to eliminate or mitigate the +25% additional duty via special 4 months financing or Free Trade Zone (FTZ) cold & dry storage of up to 100K sqft, which is available in Miami or, via our logistics partners, any other location in the USA.

Consulting Global Sales

Helping SME suppliers design sales marketing solutions to improve their client portfolio and management consulting.

Why Choose JPB Global Trade Solutions?

We offer financial services, integrated with logistics solutions, with the most flexible and cost-effective sources of funding in the market today. The global supply chain must be agile, innovative and competitive, with an efficient capital flow between buyers and suppliers.