Value add for logistics services

Logistics operators have increasingly taken on a key role in industrial supply chains as the flow of information increases that supports the classic “physical” management of the flow of goods. This process gives them continuous up-to-date visibility of the supply chain; in particular, the operational and financial information to assess the solvency of their clients. This asset can be used directly by those interested in diversifying their business sales module by also adding a financial solution (SCF) for their customers. The result will be to build a healthy supply chain ecosystem which enables supply chain players and the financial service providers to work together on a collaborative planning forecasting and process management at the benefit of the Customer. This will facilitate the effective launch of the supply chain finance solutions designed for releasing working capital (off-balance sheet) tied up in the supply chain. Suppliers will receive cash advance and buyers will extend purchasing credit terms.   Other programs such as Purchasing / Export and Inventory finance could be a strong added value to any logistics sales proposal.

 For US importers, I have available a finance program that provides up to four months credit for payment of +25% additional duty for China import’

The Supply Chain Finance services are growing fast in many industries such as retail, aviation, automotive and agriculture but almost rarely, in the cruise industry.   Supply Chain Finance could be an important asset for top buyers and their global suppliers with a real partnership that will help global SME’s financially at no cost for the buyers and to secure for all short – term gains-cash flow benefit and long-term advantages.

Logistics operators will be a new vision of selling solutions to their customers to offer a healthier, more financially and robust supply chain.